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Frequently Asked Questions - Cleaning Service


Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions our customers may have in regards to our cleaning service.

How long have you been trading? 
We have been trading since 1991 as a family run business.

How long will it take to complete? 
We aim to complete the cleaning prcocess in one day, however it may be neccesary to return on the next suitable dry day to re-sand the area.

Why should we hire you instead of doing it ourselves? 
If you have tried cleaning your own driveway or patio, you will understand how messy and time consuming it can become. Once you have started, you have to finish and it can become increasingly tiring. The pressure washing system we use has a far greater power than a domestic pressure washer, it is designed to tackle the toughest of jobs in a safe manner, the results are far greater - leaving the area clean and free from the striping effect which can occur with less powerfu machines.

What machinery do you use? 
We use a Honda driven 13hp pressure washer which operates up to 3600psi. Our rotary washers are 18" in diameter and connected to the Honda machine. These tools are fantastic, they have two jets inside which spin rapidly and a nylon brush skirt around the edge which produces less mess and splashing against the surrounding areas. The results can be amazing.

Do you offer a weedkiller treatment? 
Yes. Where required, we can use RoundUp Professional Weedkiller on the areas to be cleaned. This should be at least 2 days before cleaning is due to take place. Dry weather is required for application of weedkiller.

Can the weedkiller treatment effect the surroundings area? 
We take every care when applying weedkiller to your area. We will apply weedkiller where we think is necessary. In some cases not all areas can be treated due to surround plants, grass etc. It is our descretion where we apply the weedkiller treatment. There is always a risk when applying the treatment as we can not see what roots are underneath the area we are treating, roots can spread for a considerable length from driveway/patio into surrounding hedges without us knowing. We will take the greatest care when treating but we cannot be held responsible for surrounding areas getting in contact with the weedkiller.

Can you remove stains? 
Yes we can remove some stains including oil, paint and diesel. These are the most common stains. We can usually remove most or all signs of the stain. But this depends how stubborn they are and how long they have been on the surface. If you have any stains that are not listed above please contact us and we can try and advise. 

Do you need the use of our water? 
Yes we require the use of your water supply. Ideally we require an outdoor water tap. If you have not got an outdoor water tap, we may be able to use an indoor tap. This will be checked on our initial visit. 

Are your staff fully trained? 
Yes our staff are fully trained to use our machinery and equipment . 

Are you insured? 
Yes we are fully insured for your complete peace of mind. 

Will you leave our property clean and tidy? 
Cleaning driveways and patios can be a very messy job during the cleaning process. We promise to leave your property clean and tidy, we will also take away any bags of muck. 

Are there any extra, or hidden costs?

No. We would only make an additional charge for heavy staining of, for example, oil or rubber that needed a special degreasing application.  This would be agreed in advance.

When do I pay?

We ask for payment on completion of the job, either by cash or cheque.

Any more questions? 
If you have any more questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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